VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd is a renowned research and innovation partner focusing on sustainable solutions for global challenges. With €245 million in funding, they are a major force in Finland, contributing to over a third of the country's innovations and employing over 2,000 people. Operating internationally, nearly half of their turnover comes from abroad, while being steered under state ownership by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.
The University of Vaasa is a Finnish multidisciplinary university with four distinct schools (Technology and Innovations, Marketing and Communication, Management, Accounting and Finance) and three open, multidisciplinary research platforms: Vaasa Energy Business Innovation Centre (VEBIC), Digital Economy, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship (InnoLab). Collaborating across disciplines, the university drives innovative projects aimed at tackling pressing societal challenges, emphasizing practical applications and tangible outcomes. In STOPP, the university brings its expertise on circular business models and consumer acceptance..
The National Institute of Chemistry stands as a leading Slovenian research institution, driving scientific excellence. Their research tackles global challenges: health, sustainable energy, climate change, circular economy, and food safety. Collaborating with global research entities, they cultivate a stimulating environment, prioritizing inspiring working conditions and an inclusive culture. Their mission embodies excellence, contributing significantly to societal well-being and serving as a beacon of scientific expertise.
The National Institute of Biology (NIB) in Slovenia stands as a pioneering hub for life sciences research with a workforce of 190 experts. Specializing in biotechnology, biophysics, and biomedicine, NIB conducts diverse studies encompassing environmental, agricultural, and health-related fields. Collaborating extensively on a global scale, NIB's technology transfer initiatives facilitate innovation and industry collaborations. As an accredited institution contributing to academic and research advancements, NIB plays a crucial role in fostering scientific progress and educational endeavours within Slovenia and beyond.
REMONDIS Recycling ensures high-quality recycling processes. They achieve their processing goals by providing comprehensive services, smooth logistics, and modern facilities. Their expertise includes managing both reusable and non-reusable deposit containers, along with handling data effectively. They maintain various industry-specific quality standards, surpassing the basic DIN EN ISO 9001 requirements.
HSY, the Helsinki Region Environmental Services, is a municipal organization in Finland dedicated to environmental sustainability. Serving the Helsinki metropolitan area, HSY manages waste and water services and promotes ecological living. They oversee waste management, recycling, and wastewater treatment, ensuring the region's environmental well-being. HSY plays a crucial role in advancing sustainable practices, promoting a cleaner and healthier environment for residents. Their commitment to innovation and environmental protection makes them a cornerstone in preserving and enhancing the Helsinki region's ecological balance.
Greendelta is unique sustainability consultancy, that provides full-scale services with self-developed software and databases for diverse assessments like Life Cycle Analysis and Circular Economy. They're a provider of open-source tools for such evaluations, offering tailored solutions without dependency on singular software. With over 20 years of expertise, they excel in adaptable, collaborative approaches.. Their commitment lies in providing value-driven, insightful solutions that are cost-effective in the long run, emphasizing client enablement over product sales.
SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS is a Spanish consultancy company which provides innovative services to a wide range of sectors across Europe: bio-based industry, renewable energy, advanced materials, among others. The core competencies offered by Sustainable Innovations are structured in three main pillars which bridge the gap between ideas to market: Innovation Management, Market Uptake of Innovative Solutions and Capacity Building.
Representing European plastic recyclers, Plastics Recyclers Europe (PRE) leads the way in sustainable recycling solutions. As advocates for a circular economy, they drive innovations in recycling technology and promote eco-friendly plastic reuse. Through collaboration and expertise, PRE provides tailored, environmentally conscious solutions, emphasizing cost-effective practices. Their mission centers on enabling a circular plastic economy, fostering innovation and collaboration for lasting positive change in the recycling industry across Europe.
Ekokumppanit develops versatile, sustainable services focusing on energy efficiency and circular economy. They guide consumers towards eco-friendly lifestyles, execute impactful projects supporting sustainable solutions, offer tailored services for municipalities, collaborate in housing association initiatives, and aid companies in adopting sustainable business practices. Their commitment to sustainability, innovation, and client-centricity shapes a better tomorrow.
Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto is a leader in environmental care, recovering 99% of waste for recycling or energy use across 17 municipalities in Finland. They value collaboration, involving residents, partners, and contractors. They oversee waste transportation, customer service, and manage waste tasks in partnership with regional committees and environmental authorities. Collaborating with producers, they extend waste reception networks for various waste categories.
Veolia Group stands at the forefront of environmental solutions, offering waste, water, and energy management services across various sectors. With a global presence, they specialize in sustainable solutions, ensuring the efficient recovery and recycling of resources. Their commitment to environmental conservation extends to water treatment, waste management, and energy services, catering to diverse industries and municipalities worldwide. Veolia's expertise lies in promoting a circular economy, emphasizing resource optimization and sustainable practices.
Braskem's European branch, is part of the global conglomerate, operates industrial units across continents. Since 2002, it's been a vital player in thermoplastic resin production, pioneering biopolymer manufacturing at an industrial scale. As a leader in the Americas, it extends its diverse portfolio—polyethylene, green polyethylene, polypropylene, and PVC—to serve European markets. Braskem is a key player in petrochemicals, ensures a seamless integration of first and second-generation processes, fostering operational efficiency and a robust thermoplastic supply for transformation industries in Europe
reCIRCLE, the network for high-quality reusable food and beverage packaging across Europe, spearheads a sustainable solution for to-go industries. Their innovative approach saves millions of disposable containers yearly, advocating for a deposit-based reusable system. With a commitment to reducing waste, reCIRCLE offers access to lifetime-use, recyclable packaging, cutting down on valuable resources wasted in single-use alternatives. Their extensive testing ensures top-quality products and systems, fostering a robust network across Europe.