Strategies to prevent and reduce plastic packaging pollution from the food system.


STOPP is an initiative to revolutionize the way we approach food packaging by embracing the “5 Rs”: Refuse, Reduce, Redesign, Reuse, and Recycle.

Our main aim is to drastically reduce the environmental impact caused by plastic waste in food packaging.


To analyse the plastic impact on diverse ecosystems by conducting a comprehensive assessment based on empirical data.

Facilitating the transition of key stakeholders towards alternative circular solutions in food packaging systems, identifying needs and motivations, and developing tools.

Designing future-fit sustainable business models for the packaging value chain, including new materials, recycling, and reusing strategies.

Improving recycling, from the collection and sorting practices to materials innovation such as recycling recipes or potential recycling of bio-based plastics.

Consumer studies and awareness campaigns to engage over 10,000 European consumers in topics such as reusable packaging or behaviour change.