STOPP takes the stage at Innovation Forum 4 Plastics

STOPP takes the stage at Innovation Forum 4 Plastics

Sarianna Palola, STOPP’s project coordinator, participated in the recent Innovation Forum 4 Plastics, hosted by EuRIC as a side event to the prestigious World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) in Brussels. This event had a focus on showcasing the innovative solutions of EU-funded projects to enhance plastic recycling and circularity. STOPP’s participation underscored the project’s commitment to addressing the pressing issue of plastic pollution, especially in the food packaging value chain. Sarianna highlighted, through her presentation, STOPP’s pioneering approach around the “5 Rs”: Refuse, Reduce, Redesign, Reuse, and Recycle.

This participation shows STOPP’s dedication to aligning with EU directives and regulatory frameworks and emphasises the importance of collaborative efforts in driving meaningful change across the plastic value chain. Indeed, the event was a perfect opportunity to create synergies between related projects in the same field, getting to know better the approaches and innovations of other initiatives, and fostering partnerships that can amplify the collective impact of efforts to combat plastic pollution.

STOPP’s strategic objectives, as outlined by Sarianna during the forum, exemplify a holistic approach towards tackling plastic waste in food packaging. From conducting comprehensive assessments of plastic impact on ecosystems to fostering the transition towards alternative circular solutions, STOPP’s initiatives are designed to effect lasting change.

Sarianna emphasized the importance of designing future-fit sustainable business models, improving recycling practices, and engaging consumers through awareness campaigns. By actively participating in events like the Innovation Forum 4 Plastics, STOPP is not only contributing to the EU’s Plastic Strategy and Circular Economy Action Plan but also leading the way towards a more sustainable and circular future for food packaging systems.

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