STOPP, at the New Era (New Reuse Alliance) General Assembly

STOPP, at the New Era (New Reuse Alliance) General Assembly

Jeannette Morath, CEO of ReCircle, one of the STOPP’s consortium partners, showcased the project at the New Era (New Reuse Alliance) General Assembly. There she had the opportunity to show the specific efforts that the project is putting towards promoting reuse in the European context. She also encouraged the participants to join the STOPP’s Multi-Actor Community.

The New Era (European Reuse Alliance) leads European policy advocacy, promoting the development of reuse infrastructure and economic incentives to support sustainable packaging solutions. Through collaborative efforts, they provide a platform for stakeholders to share insights, build capacity, and establish standards for data management, product databases, and deposit pricing strategies. Their initiatives aim to foster long-term investment confidence while also fostering widespread consumer acceptance of reusable alternatives, paving the way for a circular economy transformation.

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