STOPP, presented at TheGreenTech Innovation Forum

STOPP, presented at TheGreenTech Innovation Forum

Last May 21st, our project’s coordinator, Sarianna Palola (VTT) had the opportunity to showcase the STOPP project to a specialised audience in TheGreenTech innovation forum. There, there were presented other EU-funded projects about plastic circularity such as PRIMUS, CIMPA, PRecycling, PLAST2bCLEANED, ABSolEU, and INCREACE.

TheGreenTech is a global engineering group emphasising sustainability and deep tech innovation, aiming to bridge the gap between R&D and market delivery within two years. It collaborates with public and private entities to secure funding and boasts robust engineering capabilities, covering the entire product and process development lifecycle. TheGreenTech established the Innovation Forum, fostering synergies among H2020 projects, addressing raw materials scarcity, new processes, and the circular economy, with the inaugural meeting held in Athens in October 2018.

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