STOPP Project at PacTec, FoodTec & PlastExpo Nordic 2024

STOPP Project at PacTec, FoodTec & PlastExpo Nordic 2024

Sarianna Palola (VTT), the STOPP’s project coordinator, unveiled our initiative at the PacTec, FoodTec & PlastExpo Nordic 2024 fair in Helsinki. With a focus on tackling the pressing issue of plastic waste in food packaging, Sarianna outlined the STOPP project’s concept, aims, and immediate next steps, including the formation of a Multi-actor Community. Held on March 13, 2024, the presentation gained significant interest from industry professionals.

At the heart of Sarianna’s speech was the theme “Plastic food packaging – reuse, recycling, and environmental impacts.” She underscored the need for urgent action, especially considering the EU’s efforts to revise packaging waste directives by 2030. With a commitment to implementing diverse strategies such as the so-called 5 Rs (refuse, reduce, redesign, reuse, and recycling), STOPP aims to drive substantial reductions in plastic waste generation and enhance the recyclability of food packaging materials.

PacTec, FoodTec & PlastExpo Nordic 2024 provided a dynamic platform for industry collaboration, reuniting nearly 4400 professionals in Helsinki. As part of the event’s comprehensive coverage of the packaging, food and drink, and plastics sectors, STOPP showcased its vision for a more sustainable future. Through collaborative efforts across the entire food packaging value chain, STOPP aims to revolutionise the industry, paving the way for circular strategies, sustainable business models, and enhanced recycling initiatives.

Stay tuned for more updates on STOPP’s journey toward a plastic-free future! Join our Multi-actor community.

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